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EOTC: Education outside the classroom.

EOTC: Education outside the classroom.


If you have read through the "About" page on this blog, this post will be very interesting and help you understand how wonderful and unique UWC is. So let's get started with introducing EOTC programme, that focuses on experiential learning –  learning by doing in a context outside the traditional classroom in order to develop the whole person. EOTC is central to the values of a UWC. :)

The programme is comprised of the following components:

- Quan Cai (IB CAS) activities - China Week & Project Week - Other College trips - Cultural Evenings - Orientation Week - Sports & sports teams - Outdoor pursuits

The aims of EOTC 

EOTC's aims are to facilitate experiential learning and learning through doing. A main focal point is also to be serving others and promoting student leadership. EOTC helps student understand and deal with challenge and risk taking in order to foster a holistic development of the individual.

Quan Cai (IB CAS) The Quan Cai (both Quan Cai and CAS are explained in the dictionary link above) consists of 4 components:

  • (Community) Service – service projects to the Hong Kong and wider community

  • (Campus) Service – activities to support the running of the campus

  • Creativity – activities that are artistic or require creative thinking

  • Action – activities focused on physical well being, sports & outdoor pursuits

China Week & Project Week

The China Week is something all first year students look forward to. I am very excited about this week! It focuses on travel to China and Hong Kong, so I will get to explore my new home. The China Week takes place in Term 1 and Project Week in Term 2. All Year 1 students participate in China Week and all students in Project Week. Project Week focuses on the East Asia region (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and many more) The aims of both weeks is  focusing on facilitating Service and Challenge experiences, so that students develop independence and leadership by proposing, leading and participating in trips.

Cultural Evenings

Six cultural evenings take place each year. These highly anticipated presentations include pre-performance events and a dinner before the show The aim is to promote international understanding & appreciation.  I am especially looking forward to the Cultural Evenings, because seeing people wearing their beautiful traditional garments and doing their traditional dances is very different than just reading a book about them. I have been told that the year begins with International Night and ends with the Year 1 Show. Throughout the year there are four cultural evenings, each one focusing on a different region (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & South Asia, North America and South America on a two year rotation and China annually.) I will get to wear my Turkish traditional dress (called a Bindalli) and my German traditional dress (A Dirndl - you probably know that one ;)

Orientation Week

Orientation Week introduces new Year 1 students to all aspects of College and Hong Kong life. It is led by staff and Year 2 students and takes place in the first week of term. We don't know what exactly is expecting us during Orientation week, but as first years we are incredibly exited and were told that this week will be unforgettable!

Outdoor Pursuits

This is a newly developing program featuring a working relationship with Outward Bound HK and including activities such as kayaking, hiking, camping and climbing.


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