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Ocean lover. Mermaid. Activist. Explorer. Geography student during the day, Tanguera at night.

Support Me!

Support Me!


I finally set up my fundraiser page!

Attending UWC in Hong Kong is be a lifetime opportunity for me. I am lucky to receive a partial scholarship, however it does not include the costs for airfare to Hong Kong and back and the spending money. Even with the support of my entire family I am not able to afford these additional costs, so please help me.

Any donation, no matter how small will be incredibly helpful. Thank you for reading through this and considering to help me out ♥

Please share this page with others. Help me spread the word.

To donate, please click here or copy the link below in your browser. You will be redirected to my fundraiser page:


Help me

EOTC: Education outside the classroom.

EOTC: Education outside the classroom.

On the rooftops in Berlin: Mission UWC