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Welcome Dinner and Show

Welcome Dinner and Show


After we got back to school we all took a shower. Just a little later someone knocked on our door. All the people from our neighbour-rooms were there, just to come and have a sweet little chat. We joined them and ended up knocking on the doors of almost all blocks, collecting ore and more people and then going to the cantine for the "welcome dinner".  It was wonderful! There was vegetable sushi, quiche, fish, meatballs, stuffed pepper with couscous, noodles and so much more, all presented with a cute arrangement. The tables were decorated with red napkins. DSC_0311






















After the delicious dinner it was time for the "welcome show" that our secondyears had prepared for us. We went to the gym, which is surrounded by trees. Inside we sat down, the lights went off and after a huge round of applause the show started with a great announcement of one of the second-year's and with a greeting from our principal Arnett.  The first performance of the was a traditional Chinese Lion dance, in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costum. After that two secondyears sang a Chinese song, accompanied by piano... it was breathtaking, their voices were so beautiful!! I recorded the entire show, so video will be on youtube very soon! Then the Chinese Cultural Evening group performed a modern dance with Chinese elements, followed by another stunning singing performance. After that one second year played the Pipa, a traditional instrument, while two girls performed a dance in traditional dresses. The show ended with a beautiful Chinese dance performance with Chinese fans (my roomie Yuki was on stage as well!!) and the traditional dragon dance. Here are the first two videos, more will follow soon:


















After the show we played different games by the poolside to get to know each other better. We had so much fun, especially when we got sticky notes with  names of our coyears sticked on our forehead and had to guess who we were by aking questions. After that we had a tutor meeting. Out tutors live on the campus as well, together with our families. My tutor is Hayley, she is originally from South Africa, later moved to Australia and is now living in Hong Kong. She has two children who are incredibly lovely and sweet. What a chance to grow up on this campus!! Seeing the secondyears interact with our tutors family like a part of them, made us incredibly happy. Hayley had made a fruit platter and brownies for us. We all sat down on her couch, introduced us and discussed the plan for tomorrow and what is going to expect us in the next years :)

PS: Please forgive me for writing short posts that sound like summaries. Orientation week is packed with activities, so I barely have time for posting. But I will update all these posts after O-Week, so stay tuned and keep checking the blog.


Orientation Week: Day 2

Orientation Week: Day 2

Pancakes and Waterfalls!

Pancakes and Waterfalls!