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Orientation Week: Day 2

Orientation Week: Day 2


Today was the second  day of orientation week. During orientation week we first-years receive important information about LPC, life on campus, academics, CAS and everything we need to know to spend two unforgettable and successful years at LPC. Today's program was packed: In the morning we went to the assembly hall (photos are coming tomorrow) and Steve, the Director of Studies and Education Outside the Classroom gave us a little briefing about the orientation week. He is a great teacher with lots of humor and managed to make us smile constantly while receiving all the important information. After that Sylla, a teacher who has taught at three UWCs already (he is a polyglott!) told us more about the history of the UWCs and gave us interesting details about the life of Kurt Hahn, the founder of UWC and the beginning of the movement worldwide.  We had a short little tea break after the assembly hall briefing. The next important part of the day was the introduction of the "services" that are a huge part of our Quan Cais. The secondyears presented us their services in the rooms of the academic block. We had about ten minutes of presentations per service and trying to decide which presentation was quite hard. The secondyears were giving their best to make us come in their rooms and joing their services. I attended the presentations of Coral Monatoring, the marine protection and reefcheck program of our school, Initiative for Peace (IFP), which is composed of being trained to solve conflicts and conduct conferences with local schools and schools from other countries, Pinehill village, a service that aims to make disabled children happy by interacting with them, and Help for Domestic Helpers (HDH). Help for domestic helpers is a service that aims to improve the working conditions of domestic helpers (mostly women from the Filipines, who come to Hong Kong to work here, but do not enjoy the rights of Hong Kong citizenship, mostly leading to awful work conditions, abuse and much more). The LPC students who are committed to the HDH service give English classes, teach yoga and help with court cases to support the domestic helpers. I was very proud to see that Abraham and Cengiz, my second-years are leading this service. Cengiz who is also a leader of IFP gave us a passionate speech about the benefits of IFP not only for us, but for the community. Once again we were all impressed by everbody's friendliness and committment. The next two years are going to be great!

Lunch was really good. Since we have a new chef from Marocco, the food is just wonderful! I enjoyed curry Thai noodles with spring rolls, lots of salad and soymilk. There are still so many people I haven't been able to talk to that I will constantly be swtiching tables at breakfast and lunch! :D

After lunch we still had about an hour of freetime, so I went to my room and discovered that about 15 people were sitting in a circle on the floor, playing card games. LPC spirit to it's best!! I grabbed my socks, sat down as well and joined the group. It was impossible not to laugh and so the time we spent together was great!

The next event on today's schedule was an alcohol awareness program. We were split up in groups lead by members of the peer support team and had little talks and discussions about alcohol. We were informed about the Hong Kong laws considering alcohol and the college's laws, learned about the chains of action in case we do encounter somebody who is severely drunk and then summarized what we have learned to present it in front of the others. The alcohol awareness program was followed by a house meeting. All firstyears who lived in one block came together in the common room (just like in Harry Potter) and Hayley gave us a thorough insight into the school's code of conduct, unbreakable rules and life on campus.

After that we had games night in the gym. The secondyears had organized many different games for us and we had so much, spending most of the time laughing and giggeling. We built different teams, played games that involved a lot of running and cheered for each other the whole time!!

At 9:30 it was check-in time; we all reported to the common room where Hayley put a check-mark beside our names and received folders form our secondyears.

I'm excited for tomorrow! The schedule is quite full: Morning briefing, academic introduction, Language Department orientation, Quan Cai fair and much more!!


PS: I also went on the roof with my friend Natalie today, this is the view from block three:



















Orientation Week: Day 3 - Quan Cai Fair and Dancing in the rain

Orientation Week: Day 3 - Quan Cai Fair and Dancing in the rain

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