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Orientation week Day 3: Campus Sustainability and tutor dessert

Orientation week Day 3: Campus Sustainability and tutor dessert


We went back to the assembly hall for the Campus Sustainability Meeting.  Campus Sustainability is not a CAS-activity, it is a committee that is free to join. The members are constantly thinking about new ways of saving energy and making the school "greener". On of the Environmental Systems teachers gave us a little presentation about the importance of sustainability, it's meaning and how it's part of the UWC mission: UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Of course in the UWC mission statement, sustainability also applies to various other areas, not just to the environment, however this lecture was focussed on keeping the campus "green". Our second years presented us reasons for being sustainable and showed us ways to do so. The topic itself was split into three different subtopics: electricity, food, waste. We then had a discussion about how environmental sustainability affects us in our lives, what ideas we have and if our perception of sustainability would change if 5 countries were to cease in about 100 years. We also talked about how the importance of environmental sustainability changes from culture to culture and is applied differently in various areas of the world.  After the discussion we collected ideas that we could use on our campus, such as switching the lights off, using shower timers, drying racks on the roof, etc. It is great to see how active our second years are and how everybody tries to constantly improve our college and our impact.


Tonight we had another tutor meeting in Hayley's flat. She had prepared a waffle mix for us and lots of fruit. We cut bananas into slices, which she used to make delicious milkshakes, and then enjoyed the yummy waffles and pancakes her daughter Ativa had made together with Emma, a secondyear. Hayley's little son Aitan has a very special connection to Shuhei, a secondyear from Japan. Looking at out tutor group and the way the secondyears interact with Hayley and her children makes us all very happy, it feels like family.









We talked about different world issues, such as the protests in Turkey, the police forces in Egypt and much more. Hayley called each firstyear separately to discuss the subject and Quan Cai choices. We then all sat down together again and shared our UWC stories, the application process and our experiences so far.

After the lovely late night desert I spent some more time in the common room (Block 3s common room is by far the most popular one and it never gets boring! I love my block!!) and we had the usual check-in. Tonight Sylla, ma history teacher did the check-in and as soon as he saw my name on the list he looked at me, smiled and then said: "Oh, Arzu!! Desire in Turkish! I mentioned

that he is a polyglott, yet tonight was the first time I talked to him and we

are all impressed by his language skills! He wished us goodnight in Turkish and then left the common room. Spending time with our co-years is always great and everyday is so unique and filled with lots of laughter!

Tomorrow we will play poolgames and have a BBG!  Goodnight, everyone! Lots of hugs form Hong Kong.


Amber rain

Orientation Week: Day 3 - Quan Cai Fair and Dancing in the rain

Orientation Week: Day 3 - Quan Cai Fair and Dancing in the rain