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ICE, ICE, BABY!!! - International Cultural Evening

ICE, ICE, BABY!!! - International Cultural Evening


Saturday night was unforgettable  - it was the International Cultural Evening, shortly ICE! We all dressed up In our national costumes, grabbed our flags and then went to the “special ICE dinner” in the canteen. The tables were decorated with red napkins and candles. Just as it was for our first dinner, the food for ICE was great and nicely arranged. Especially the desserts (Cheesecake, jelly and lots of fruit) were very yummy. I barely had time to eat anything because I was running around trying to take photos of the different costumes. All the Chinese girls were wearing qipaos with beautiful embroidery. There was so much movement in the canteen; everybody was taking photos with their friends and roommates, looking around and being amazed by the stunning traditional dresses with big skirts, exotic colors and designs and jewelry. DSC_0634


































Right after the dinner in the canteen we all went to the Assembly Hall to watch a performance that our second years had written for us. When I say it was amazing, then this is an understatement! It was a theater show paired with dance that was showing LPC life and stereotypes combined with lots and lots of humor, whether it was the Japanese students speaking with strong accents, ACE walking on stage with the music from Disney's Lion King or LACE students falling in love with a Llama. Now imagine that all of this was following the Hunger Games theme, with each region/ cultural evening group selecting two tributes during their performances! After every performance the Assembly Hall literally exploded with the sounds of cheering students and hands clapping until they turned red. It was wonderful to see MESCA dance a Turkish traditional dance (Kolbasti), and when LACE went up on stage  we all could not resist to shake our hips or upper bodies to the rhythm while still trying to stay seated.  The show was recorded, so I will definitely try to see if I can upload the video on my blog (unfortunately my camera's battery died at the beginning of the performances).  Stay tuned! If I have time there will be more details about ICE! :)


After the performance we had a canteen party with lots of music and lots of fun!



MESCA-meeting! Mong Kok!  School life! GIF!

MESCA-meeting! Mong Kok! School life! GIF!

Exploring Hong Kong!

Exploring Hong Kong!