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Asian cuisine and culinary experiences

Asian cuisine and culinary experiences


One thing, besides visiting beautiful places, that makes traveling even better is getting familiar with local cuisine and trying new dishes. So here is a little summary of my culinary experiences in the past days:  Dim Sum Lunch

All students in Block 1, 3 and 4 went out to a big restaurant close to our MTR station in Wu Kai Sha to have lunch together. But not just lunch: Dim Sum Lunch!! It’s a style of Cantonese food that prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally and is served in small steamer baskets. John, our Chemistry teacher sat on our table and gave us important tips about Chinese etiquette, such as knocking o the table when someone serves you tea. You might be wondering why I mention tea while we were just talking about lunch: Tea is typically served with dim sum and is the reason why having dim sum is sometimes referred to as going to "drink tea” (yum cha). It was wonderful to be in the same restaurant with more than 150 students at the same time!!

We had many different courses, that all came in the cute little steamer baskets. Our starter was rice with shrimp, later on we ate steamed custard buns, shrimp dumplings, rolls filled with vegetables and even got to try chicken feet and beef intestines, served in a spicy sauce with peppers. Every dish looked like a piece of art arranged in a basket: whether it was the translucent starch skin, giving the vegetables a mysterious look, the perfectly round buns that were shimmering in the light or the crunchy-crispy pastry.



















Thai Crab Lunch

Jeremy took Houssam and me out for lunch in a Thai restaurant in Central. Our starter was fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce, nicely laid on a bed of lettuce. Besides spicy noodles with chicken that were beautifully decorated with herbs, and rice noodles covered with soy sprouts, we also shared crab curry. When Jeremy ordered the crab curry, I did not expect the crab to be in the curry sauce as a whole. Crabs are delicious to eat but they're messy and since it was my first time eating crabs this way, it was quite a puzzle to eat. We assembled our “weapons”: a cracker, a crab pick and lots and lots of napkins and then started the battle against the crabs. The crab curry was delicious and we had a lot of fun trying to eat it.




























Vietnamese Lunch

Today, after going to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, we went to a very famous Vietnamese restaurant close by. Cengiz loves “pho” with shredded chicken and beef and lots of mint, and so him, Belce and Guy ordered pho. It’s a very special type of Vietnamese soup. Tare three elements that make up a bowl of Vietnamese pho:  the broth, the rice noodles and the toppings (meat, garnishes, etc.) The pho broth is the most important element of Vietnamese pho, it is pretty much the soul of the dish. Shira and me decided to try something new: sticky rice and stir fried vegetables with shrimp and chili sauce. The bowls were so big that we shared and helped each other finishing the pho to the last drop and trying out different sauce variations on the veggies. With happy tummies and big smiles we then walked back to our bikes.
















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MESCA-meeting! Mong Kok!  School life! GIF!

MESCA-meeting! Mong Kok! School life! GIF!