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Caught in a super-typhoon!

Caught in a super-typhoon!


As you probably already know, there is a typhoon approaching Hong Kong. It is the worst storm to hi the city in more than 30 years and according to the news the typhoon is the strongest storm on earth this year, categorized as T8 right now.  Usagi - which means rabbit in Japanese. What a cute name for such a windmonster - packed winds of 165 km/h (103 mph) as it closed in on China's densely populated Pearl River Delta. Students are advised to stay indoors (in our rooms or dayrooms) and keep the (window) curtains closed. It will prevent glass flying through the room  if a window breaks under the pressure of the wind. It is raining a lot and there is strong wind, but that is all we can see and feel on campus right now. There is no need to be worried, the school is very safe :) We are following the Hong Kong Observatory Website and China's National Meteorological Centre. I will try to keep you updated.

The size and intensity of Severe Typhoon Usagi is shown in this satellite image taken by the Japan Meteorological Agency yesterday. Photo: AP

























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