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Change of Pace Day - Dragon's back and Big Wave Bay

Change of Pace Day - Dragon's back and Big Wave Bay


Yesterday way  “Change of Pace Day (COP-Day)”,  a day in which the school is “slowed down” to improve the quality of learning and  give us student the opportunity to take a little rest from the academic work. Each block had planned a different activity, most of them being hikes on different trails in Hong Kong. My block, block 3, went on a hike along the Dragon’s Back, a chain of hills that look like the humps of a sleeping dragon. Equipped with hiking shoes and water bottles we hopped on the bus that drove us to our starting point for the hike. We divided into three groups: fast pace hikers, medium and slow hikers. DSC_0082

A  lovely path took us through shady groves of bamboo and lush woodland, accompanied by birdsongs. The hiking trail was very nice and clearly visible, and after hiking up Ma On Shan, we felt like this was easy! At every clearing we stopped and took photos of the stunning scenery. Our hike took us over big rocks, steep hills and after quite a few ups and downs, we emerged into open hillsides with breathtaking views over the city.




























Our walk followed the rugged undulating spinal ridge of the ' dragon’s humps'. The view was breathtaking: The ocean in dazzling in blue, distant islands, gulf courses and beautiful sandy beaches. We finished the hike by strolling down a forest path through shaded tunnels of exotic vegetation and little streams that lead us to a little village.

DSC_0070 DSC_0040












knew that our hike would take us to a beach (Big Wave Bay), what I did not know is that it would take us to one of Hong Kong’s surf spots. When I saw the first surf-board my heart stopped for a second and as soon as we turned around the corner, there were people walking down to the beach with big surfboards under their arms! Colorful shops selling bikinis and surf gear were scattered everywhere and laid-back snack kiosks with cold drinks were filled with people who had just gotten out of the water.  You can rent surfboards for only HK$50 per day, and body boards for HK$10-30 per day!








































We put our backpacks down on the tables by the beach and then ran over the soft white sands directly into the water. Surfers were trying to catch a wave. The water was nice and cold, and the high waves and strong currents made our swim quite exciting.




























After playing with the waves  and swimming, we went back to the tables and enjoyed the delicious lunch our chef had prepared for us: falafel, humus, pita bread, salad and fruits. It was a wonderful day by the beach, we played volleyball, enjoyed relaxing in the sand and got to know our co-years from our block better. Since it was Windy’s birthday we also had brownies and sang Happy Birthday for her.  Later Kylie and Brage amazed us with artistic tricks. Our day at Big Wave Bay was just wonderful. Hearing the waves roar, feeling the salty breeze… what else could we wish for?

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Art Underwater

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