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We stand for Love: Hong Kong Pride Parade

We stand for Love: Hong Kong Pride Parade


As every year, a group of Li Po Chun students represented Li Po Chun at the annual Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade. A few days before the parade our school‘s Amnesty International Group got together and painted posters with catchy slogans after Check-in. We also organized events leading up tot he parade and raising awareness about the LGBT community, one oft he highlights oft he week being the cross-dressing (genderswap) day. Lots of handsome ladies and beautiful boys were walking around campus that day and even teachers joined! _DSC0137
















Homosexuality is legal in Hong Kong and public opinion shows increased awareness about and tolerance for LGBT people. However, there are no legal anti-discrimination system and no legal recognition of same-sex couples. This year’s dresscode fort he parade was “Hot Red“, thus all of us hat put on red lipstick and Guy (Israel) and Gabe (New Zealand) did not wear anything but shorts and body paint.










We hopped on a bus that we had rented and when we arrived in downtown hundreds of people dressed in either red or rainbow colours had already assembled. The atmosphere was wonderful, Chinese music playing in the background and rainbow flags waving everywhere. Following buff boys with angels' wings made of balloons and together with more than 4000 other participants, we marched to the government headquarters in Admiralty to raise awareness about the LGBT community in Hong Kong and promote equality.
















Our parade turned the busy streets of Causeway Bay and Wanchai into a colorful peoplescape, reflected by the shiny skyscrapers, and halted trams at one of the busiest intersections of Causeway Bay, with passengers taking pictures or looking irritated at the delay. Some oft hem waved at us with a big smile in their face, while others were not amused. The highlight was a giant rainbow flag that we had to crawl under. People of all ages joined our parade, you could even see old women in wheelchairs holding signs saying “grandma for diversity“














Our group was so big and colorful that we even made it in the news! Click on the link below! 






Sharks, Helicopters and Respect

Sharks, Helicopters and Respect

18th Birthday and a big surprise!

18th Birthday and a big surprise!