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Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner


Time truly flies! Term 1 is almost over, tomorrow is the last day of school! 3 Weeks of Christmas break are ahead... I cannot believe that today at Midnight I will be boarding my plane to Germany. For the first time I will be flying home without an overweight suitcase. Instead I will be taking two empty suitcases with me and my backpack filled up with the bare necessities. And at this point I have to admit that I did not start packing yet. Instead I spent most of yesterday completely reorganizing my corner and pushing my closet and bed to new locations. And together with my newly printed photos on the wall, it looks very nice and a lot more homey now. In the evening we had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Once again campus was filled with beautiful girls in dresses and handsome boys in suits. The canteen was radiating holiday atmosphere, with candles and red napkins on the tables that had been covered in white cloths. In the middle of the canteen there was a huge buffet, arranged around a colorful Christmas tree.


The food was delicious and the highlights were probably the huge turkeys and ham. Once finished with the main course, we tried the desserts: little cheesecakes and Christmas  pudding. There were more people in the canteen than seats to sit on and hence, Miranda, Jessica, Natalie, Dominic and me ended up eating most of our meal standing by the cutlery, where we were at least able to put our plates down. Laughing about the irony of our situation,  we realized that this was a truly "Christmas-y" moment. It does not matter where you are and how you enjoy your Christmas dinner, as long as you are with people you love. After dinner we took photos. But when I say "we took photos", I do not mean standing still and taking one shots, no, at LPC we take photos in a very different manner. All of us ran outside the canteen, calling together our cultural groups, friends and beloved ones. The sounds of shutters and flash, paired with lots of laughter filled the air.
















By the time we went back to our rooms my memory card was full with captures of precious moments. We were so happy that we started dancing and singing Christmas songs.




_DSC0082  _DSC0205 

Since all of us will be separating Christmas on different continents, the girls and me decided to have a little Christmas celebration. Hence, I armed the tiny Christmas tree my mom had brought me from Germany, chocolates and the miniature gifts that I had packed, we all gathered around Miranda's bed, turned off the lights and played Hawaiian Christmas music. The atmosphere was wonderful and squished under a cozy light, we started unpacking our gifts.  A little later someone knocked on the door, but when we opened it, we could not see anyone, but instead we found a pile of little gifts with a note for Jessica. It was her Secret Panda!  In the beginning of the week we decided to  have a Block 3 Secret Panda, which is a variation of the "Secret Santa" tradition in which members of a community are randomly assigned to a person to whom they anonymously give a gift.  And since Block 3's mascot is a panda, we called it Secret Panda. Instead of giving gifts, we changed it a little bit and decided to "pamper" our pandas, with sweet little actions. My secret panda wrote me sticky notes everyday and put them on the walls all over the girls floor. At first, I did not realize these sticky notes were for me, until my roommate asked me whether I took them to my room. I also received lots of chocolate and on the last day my secret panda wrote me an incredibly heart-warming long note. Thank you secret panda, whoever you are. Your gifts truly brightened up my day.



The last day of Term 1

The last day of Term 1

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas