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Chinese New Year Part 1: Firedancers in TST

Chinese New Year Part 1: Firedancers in TST


Due to Chinese New Year, there was no school on Friday. It was a sunny day and Jessica (Lebanon/Slovakia), Brage (Norway) and me decided to make the best out of the beautiful weather and go to Starfish Bay nearby our school. The tide was low and thus the sand was covered in tiny little holes, home to hundreds of crabs in all different sizes that were crawling on the seabed. We walked around on the beach for a little while and then went back to school, where one of the guards Shannon gave us a huge smile, pointing at our muddy feet. A little bit of summer! DSC_0030




On the very same day Jessica and me went to Tsim Sh Tsui with Min (Burma), Luzerio (East-Timor), Elena (Indonesia) and Yousra (Netherlands/Morocco) to watch the New Year’s parade and the traditional lion and dragon dance performance. What we forgot to consider is the mass of people who would be at TST on the very same day and time and hence, we ended up being sandwiched by spectators without even being able to catch a glimpse of the dancers. Still, the struggle to get out of the mass of people was quite funny, considering that we had to yell each other’s names in intervals of 30 seconds in order to not lose each other.

DSC_0021 _DSC0077





Due to the crowd, our plan to have dinner at Chung King mansions, Hong Kong’s famous and overly populated headquarter for cheap and delicious food, also did not work out. Still happy about being in TST for this special occasion and optimistic about finding at least some place to have dinner at, we walked – well tried to walk – down the whole street, took the MTR and finally ended up in a mall, where we had Japanese dinner after a one-hour long search for restaurants that were open. Our dinner was yummy and Lux and Min never failed to make Jessie and me laugh during our conversations about choosing the right school subjects (and how many of us would love to go back in time to make an entirely different choice) and cultural differences regarding friendship. By coincidence Malika (Pakistan) joined us after a few minutes, together with her mother who had come to visit Hong Kong. It was a lovely evening.









After dinner we walked back to the harbor in TST and enjoyed the beautiful view on the colorful skyline and grabbed quick desert.

DSC_0213 DSC_0106








On our way back, we met fire performance group from Singapore that specializes in the art of fire theatre and fire dance. What started out with a simple photo turned into a great conversation about our cities, the concept of movement as art and being a student in Hong Kong. The group was incredibly nice and friendly and consisted of quite a diverse constellation of local and international artists. And it turned out that one of the performers, Max, was from Hamburg, Germany! Of course we took a picture and we had a lovely chat about home and making the big step from Europe to Asia. Even though we were sad about having missed the fire based spectacles, we got to watch the performers practice with mesmerising dancing lights. What a great way to start Chinese New Year!





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