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Graduation Dinner

Time truly flies by, there is about a month left before all of us hop back in airplanes and fly back to our homecountries. 250 students scattered across the globe again... But before that: exams and graduation. While the secondyears' actual graduation is still a few weeks away, the graduation dinner - a wonderful occasion to which all of us dress up and the secondyears get into a big bus that brings them to a beautiful hotel where a big banquet and music is awaiting them - was on Thursday. Everyone put on their finest attire and the second year girls were wrapped in elegant, colorful, sparkly and beautiful dresses. It was a lovely event and started with a small reception at Arnett's, our principal's house. Camera's snapped everywhere, capturing hugs, laughter, cultural groups, selfies and thoughtful faces.




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When it was time for the secondyears to get into the bus and head to their graduation dinner, the reality hit us first years. For the first time in a year we were alone on campus. Our rooms were emptier than ever that evening and it was suspiciously calm. We suddenly became aware of the fact that the end of the year was closer than we thought: in two weeks the exams will start, and time after that goes by with the blink of an eye: music nights, last hangouts, dinners at Ma On Shan mall, roomie outings... and then graduation and clearing... We took a few polariod photos and then the bus took off, leaving us first years and our waving hands behind. Before heading back to our rooms and preparing surprises for our secondyear roomies (a graduation dinner tradition), we took a group photo by putting my camera on the stairs of the canteen and frantically running to the roundabout to pose. It turned out lovely.






While I ran to Ma On Shan mall to buy Yuki's favorite chocolate, sweets and snacks (because food makes everything better, especially at a place like LPC, where you can easily get tired of peanut butter sandwiches after eating them everyday for a year), Ploy cleaned up the room. We had two hours time. Then it was time for the rehearsal. Rehearsal? Yes! As a surprise firstyears decided to dress up in our craziest and most colorful clothes, bring along all guitars and ukuleles, and perform the song "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers when the secondyears get back from dinner and walk out of the bus. The rehearsal went well and once again a crowd as colorful as the rainbow , dressed in flags and crazy outfits walked across campus.





















































Then it was time: The first secondyear bus came back, however the other two busses were missing. We made the students in the first bus get out and wait by the roundabout until the other tow came. After 15 minutes the first vehicle rolled in, with secondyears watching us cheering, screaming and clapping along.














A few minutes later the last bus followed. And then it the actual surprise began: all firstyears lined up in front of the secondyears and started to sing! I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart, I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet, Ho! Hey! Ho! I never thought it would be such an unforgettable moment. All of us were moved and the atmosphere was magical. The secondyears had tears in their eyes and the firstyears were united as they had never been before, all of us clapping and singing in the same rythm, together. The performance was followed by hugs, kisses and tears. We grabbed our firstyear roomies and kidnapped them to our rooms, where their surprises where awaiting them.














Ploy and me had placed a note to Yuki under all the chocolate and she was so touched when she read it, that she started to cry. It was a day that truly made us appreciate our roommates and all the wonderful and unforgettable time we spent together. So now I guess it is time for a little shoutout and random declaration of love: Secondyears we are so proud of you all. You will be missed terribly next year!

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Surf 'n Turf

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We're in the radio! An interview for the RTHK Teen Times