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Surf 'n Turf

Surf 'n Turf


No, this post is not about sea food and steak: It is about an attempt to hike up and down the mountains in the hope of finding one of Hong Kong's best surf spots. Through my previous posts you might have noticed that I fell even more in love with hiking since coming to Hong Kong (despite the fact that for some strange reason some hiking trails are paved here). Since this weekend was Easter and hence we had four days off school, we decided to go hiking again. _CSC0142

It was a lovely and sunny day, I had just entered the canteen and was filling up my breakfast bowl with cereals when Adam (USA) asked me whether I wanted to join him and Kylie (USA) for a hike to Tai Long Wan beach. Of course I did! We also kidnapped Jessica (Lebanon) and Yousra (Netherlands/Morocco) and equipped with a small backpack, a little bit of money in the pocket and a reusable waterbottle at hand, we hopped on the next bus to Sai Kung. From there we took another bus to the beginning of Part II of the famous MacLehose trail, Hong's most renown 100km hike. We passed beautiful camping grounds, piers and remote villages.





At first we were skeptical, since the hiking path was paved and we did not feel challenged enough, after a few minutes, however, when the path started to become quite steep, we regretted our initial skepticism.



After an hour and a half we reached the highest part of our hike. We could see the beach and our excitement grew with every step we took from that moment on. The way down to the beach (a forty minute hike downhill) was just as challenging and our knees felt like jelly every time we hit flat ground.


We reached a tiny village surrounded by trees and once I saw surfing advertisement and handmade posters for the sale of boards everywhere I started to smile like a child that had just been given a lollipop.


We passed through the village, walked by a little stream and then, hearing the sound of waves, passed another tiny team before we could see the ocean framed by white sand and little camping tents. Two little islands and a big private yacht appeared on the horizon.


We dropped our things on the beach and immediately ran into the water. It was refreshing, but after a few seconds  we started to realize that we were swimming in trash. We were a little disappointed by the fact that the destruction of nature through plastic waste had even reached this beautiful and secluded beach.



We also noticed that we had not arrived at the same beach that we went to for Block Activity, and that there were no shops selling or renting surfboards. We knew that there were three beaches in this area and hence we decided to swim around the big formation that separated this beach from another one just to our left. Adam and Yousra did not swim and instead grabbed all of our shoes and backpacks for hiking across the rocks to the other side.


What an adventure it was! After long swim and a few jellyfish stings we arrived at the other beach, which unfortunately still was not the right one, but at least was just as beautiful. Yousra came back without Adam, telling us that he was "stuck on a rock" because he had too many shoes in his hands. Smiling, Kylie climbed up a few rocks and went to grab a few shoes from Adam, while Jessica and me played with a little crab that had been overgrown by seaweed just like the rocks  ( an indicator that too many nutrients are available).



Once we were all together again, we swam around a little bit watching the private yacht that had stopped in the very same bay, before heading back to our hiking trail at sunset. It was an absolutely lovely day and by the time we left another hour and a half of hiking behind and arrived in Sai Kung, we were as hungry as a bear. We treated ourselves with sizzling hot Paisano's pizza at the pier and then hopped back into the bus to Wu Kai Sha.


I'm excited for our next hiking adventure (hopefully with the chance to go surfing in the end)


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